Medical Skin CareIn A Spa Setting


Feel Total Relaxation

Ageless Aesthetics in Ashland, KY provides a tranquil environment for each massage so that each patient can feel total relaxation. Each massage is unique, ranging from direct deep pressure to sensual oils and hot stones. This enables the patient to achieve a desired stress free state.

Ageless Signature Massage

The Full Body Massage is a deep relaxation massage. The massage therapist works to reduce stress and tension, improve circulation, and encourage relaxation throughout the entire body. (60 minutes)

Aromatherapy Massage

The Aromatherapy Massage in combination with essential oils which enhance the overall relaxation of the mind and body. (60 minutes)


Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep Tissue Massage provides a relaxation to the deeper tissues of your muscles. The  massage therapist will provide a more intense pressure that will ultimately improve the overall circulation and relaxation of your muscles. (60 minutes)

Micro-Buff Back Polish Massage

The Micro-Buff Back Polish Massage provides exfoliation that enhances the softness and richness of your skin. This combination of massage and exfoliation leaves your back feeling and looking sensational. (60 minutes)

Dare to Dare Back Treatment

This exfoliating treatment is helpful for those with back and/or shoulder acne. A microdermabrasion is performed uprooting the damaged cells and invigorated the skin. Extractions are done as necessary. This treatment, in combination with mask and massage allows the back to be at its best. (60 minutes)

Ageless Stone Massage

Enjoy a Hot Stone Massage infused with precious scented oils. This ageless stone sequence is customized to concentrate on stress and tension points of the body, leaving you relaxed and renewed. (60 minutes)

"Express" Yourself Massage

You choose your own 30-minute massage to replenish and rejuvenate yourself throughout your busy day. You can also add this service to any facial procedure to compliment your treatment. (30 minutes)

Tops & Tails Massage

Tops & Tails Massage is a scalp and foot massage designed to provide the ultimate relaxation for the patient. This massage targets tension release in areas of the head, hands, and feet. Stress is melted away and a state of relaxation is reached when warm towels are perfectly applied to fit the contour of the individual's head. Our very experienced massage therapist starts massaging the hands and feet by pressing the reflex points to release tension and toxins.

Fascia Blaster

The Fascia Blaster Treatment / Seaweed wrap is a Great NEW way to reduce cellulite, remove toxins and unwanted water weight!  This Treatment is a relaxing way to energize and reset your body.

Massage Enhancements


Choose one of our massage enhancements for a small additional fee to compliment your massage experience!

Serving the Ashland KY, Huntington WV and Portsmouth OH Tri-State Area!

  • Dry Skin Enhancement - With your choice of a dry brush or loofah gloves, we exfoliate the body and remove dead skin layers and improve skin texture. This enhancement is also accompanied by a deep moisturizing cream.
  • Dry Feet and Hands - Using a sugar or salt scrub of your choice the hands and feet are exfoliated to get the layers of dead skin off and paired with a deep moisturizing foot and hand crème.
  • Sinus Therapy (Face) - With your choice of essential oils used for sinus release and paired with strategically place cold stones this enhancement helps release sinus pressure.
  • Scalp Enhancement - With your choice of essential oils and warm oil the mixture is applied to the scalp and deeply massaged. This enhancement is perfect for headaches, tension, stress, and fatigue.
  • Reflexology - Reflexology points on the bottom of your feet that correlate to certain points of the body. This enhancement is very relaxing and stress relieving.
  • Stone Enhancement - Warm stones used to warm up and soothe the muscles. This is a very relaxing and stress relieving enhancement.